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SPRING Plumeria

SPRING: Plumeriais the first original oil paintings in my Season Portraits series where I paint a portrait of each season, creating the facial features out of the natural elements of that season. In Spring the rains come, the plants, flowers, and trees reach for the sun and completely open up. It also feels like a time where we too can open ourselves up to all of our life's possibilities. A time where we can create all the ideas we contemplated in the winter months, when life was slower and nature at rest. In Spring everything comes back to life! 

Plumeria flowers symbolize birth, love, and new beginnings. The spiritual meaning of a cactus is one of endurance. It symbolizes the ability to see beyond what is visible with the naked eyes. The snails represent slow and continuous movement, and the sacred space of home. Coral reef is an indicator of the health of the environment and the mango a symbol of fertility and happiness. The peach a symbol of longevity. 

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