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Indulging the necessity...

I remember being a very sensitive child, always curious, and always observing my environment. I was most curious about people and nature. I spent hours writing poetry, drawing and painting what I saw and what I imagined. I grew up in Houston, Texas, where there wasn’t a lot of nature or wild spaces to explore. But I loved climbing the trees in my yard, and sitting on the curb listening the birds after the rain. That feeling of being connected to nature has never left me. Nature is where I feel most at home, most inspired, and most alive!

I studied Studio Art and Art History at Houston Community College and the University of Houston where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and a Master of Art Education. I studied Art in Italy for a month, which was a dream come true! I’m Italian, American and I’ve always been fascinated by my heritage and the emotions and storytelling in Italian art. I have lived and taught in Texas and Mexico, where I also fell in love with my Mexican husband and the vibrancy and warmth of Mexico too!

I married and had a very creative step-daughter then had my two very energetic sons. I felt so inspired by my love for my family. Every day I was desperate to make art, but my boys would climb me and throw all the art supplies. It was more like a circus than the tranquil art studio my introverted soul desired! So, we ended up spending most of our time at the park, collecting moss balls, building with sticks, looking for colorful leaves, and climbing trees. That’s when I remembered how exploring in nature revived and inspired me! I saw how being in nature calmed my sons’ anxieties too. They were completely engaged and in their element. While in nature, my mind was flooded with ideas for art. When my boys grew a little older, we were able to focus and make art together more and more.  

As any creative introvert knows, having the time and space to focus on art-making is the most delicious necessity. When my boys started school, I decided to indulge the necessity of my being and MAKE ART! For a living. Like my life depended on it. Because in many ways it did. When I wasn’t making art, I felt fractured and not myself. I love teaching too, and my long-term goal is to create and share nature-inspired art lessons. I have always found the deepest inspiration in nature and people; the beauty and the chaos.

Are you inspired by nature?

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Are you inspired by nature?